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About Us

The Chef's Flavor Crank secret?

"It's all about taking the time to develop flavors to make your food taste good".


From Detroit, Michigan, Johnnie Smith moved to Los Angeles over 31 years ago to pursue a career in Dance and Choreography. After 30 over years of dancing, Johnnie decided to take a much needed break from dancing. He went to culinary school and graduated at the top of his class at Le Cordon Bleu in Hollywood, California. Now a chef, Chef Johnnie immediately began working at North Ranch country club and then worked at Rawhyde Adventures for BMW riders as head Chef.


Eleven years ago, Chef Johnnie moved to Sweden with his family. While in Sweden he worked as a chef in various restaurants where he had the opportunity to cook many types of cuisines from around the world. He also worked as a personal chef for a few Swedish celebrities in the television and film industry.


In June of 2016, Chef Johnnie and his family returned to California. Upon returning, Chef Johnnie worked for more restaurants throughout the Los Angeles area until deciding to work as a personal chef where he has cooked for some very exclusive clients including a host of well-known Rappers, Athletes and some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. 


After so many parties and holiday gift baskets for friends featuring his signature spice rubs and seasonings, Chef Johnnie listened to his friends’ feedback regarding his seasonings and rubs. After seven years of contemplating and procrastinating, Chef Johnnie decided to finally move forward and put together his own signature seasonings for the world to taste…He called them Flavor Crank. And so it begins…


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